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For info.:
Dematteis S.r.l. is present in the metal machining sector since 1967.

Along the years the company became specialized in the mass production supply of :-  Automotive, Heavy Vehicle & Agricultural machinery components, Sewing/Knitting machine parts, Electric Motor components.

We perform metal machining with CNC machining centers.  We also utilise laser welding in automated production systems for the assembly or marking of metal components.

The modest size of the company allows us to have a flexible and dynamic organisation capable of reacting to every request and satisfying every customer's needs while maximizing our efficiency.

Being a family-owned company, the committment of the owner, the founder of the company, and all his family ensures continuous presence and passion. These are the fundamentals which guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to react immediately to our customers' needs, not only in providing a product , but also in providing a high quality service.