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In 1966 Giovanni Dematteis, founder of DEMATTEIS SRL, bought a lathe and opened a small workshop in San Ponso.  Here he started an activity of sub-contracting for the main metalworking companies in Piedmont, such as Cinotto of Cuorgnè, RGR of Torino, SATA of Valperga.

His mechanical experience began at SALP, a well-known leather manufacturing company in Rivarolo Canavese, where he was responsible for the maintenance of the leather treatment machinery. 

From the SALP starts the great enthusiasm for mechanics and he decides that this must become his life. So he took up a second job in metal machining while maintaining his job at the SALP.  In 1967 metal machining ended to be his only profession.  In a short time the contracts increased and in 1970 he had to transfer his activity to larger premises at Oglianico.  In 1976 he shifted his activity to a newer establishment where he still works together with his family.

DEMATTEIS SRL is the result of a man's dream that came true with the passion, committment and the dedication of a lifetime.

               A passion which continues…